Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is going to come as a shock to the world but today's Melbourne Age has revealed that shonky totalitarian rogue regimes may be using photoshop technology to spread false information - Photos of healthy Kim Jong-il 'faked'. Apparently, "digital sleuths" have uncovered evidence that recently released photographs of North Korean President, Kim Jong-il, were faked to cover up his possible illness.

The folks at Hizbullah and Hamas have been taking advantage of this technology for some time to assist in their propaganda war against Israel. During the Second Lebanon War of 2006, photographers sympathetic to Hassan Nasrallah's terrorist movement (including one whose work was given prominence by news agency Reuters) were caught red handed faking images that were designed to show Israel in a bad light. Despite ample evidence, most of the mainstream media simply ignored the phonies and allowed the anti-Israel propaganda machine to rumble on unchallenged.

Go figure!

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