Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tunnel Vision

Jason Koutsoukis recently misinformed Age readers about the 800 tunnels between Gaza and Egypt that he was told to say are being used to smuggle vital supplies like food and petrol for the poor suffering Gazans - Blockade forces Gazans underground to survive.

Well Jason, this might come as a surprise but the primary purpose of the tunnels is not to supply food and other supplies for needy Gazans - they are being supplied regularly through the normal channels and they wouldn't be needed at all if the Hamas junta agreed to abide by the reasonable requirements of a civilized government and stopped advocating genocide against its neighbour. The main purpose of the tunnels is like everything else that pre-occupies Hames: the destruction of the Jewish State and the killing of Jews. This is done through smuggling Iranian and Syrian weaponry and, once in a blue moon, by kidnapping or attempting to kidnap Israeli soldiers operating on the Israeli side of the border.

After being fooled into providing support for the Hamas PR machine with his 1 November article, Koutsoukis followed it in describing a 4 November IDF operation in Ceasefire in danger of collapse. The story is also about tunnels but these couldn't possibly be used for smuggling food and supplies into Gaza. These point in the direction of Israel and were going to be used for terrorist purposes so the IDF took the tunnelers out of the equation.

There should be no problem about that if the journalist covering the story wasn't such a stupid ass and couldn't see that Hamas has taken him to the cleaners over his stories about the poor, starving people of Gaza.

Wake up and realise that it's Hamas that's the problem Jason and they've played you on a break this time!

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