Friday, November 28, 2008


It's too early to say but already the fingers are being pointed at the aggressive usual suspects for the atrocities committed in Mumbai and I suspect that the usual defences will be raised for these horrible actions including the turning of facts on their head.

There's no doubt however, that the victims and the targets are all innocent human beings, mostly locals in the wrong place at the wrong time or people from western countries, some of them tourists. Among them, the small Jewish population of Mumbai - hostages held by terrorists at the city's Chabad headquarters.

What's the root cause of these attacks?

It's the same root cause that applies everywhere such aggression and violence occurs - hatred. Hatred that is allowed to fester, is tolerated by many, excused and justified by many. That hatred becomes aggression and the result is violence, misery and death.


Anonymous said...

No doubt we will be hearing from Dora McPhee,Kim Bullimore,Maher Muhgrabi,Waleed Aly,Sonia Karkar{ & her QC Husband], University Academics like University of NSW Evan Jones along with their supporters at Fairfax,ABC & SBS that if the Israeli/Arab conflict was solved these terror attacks involving Muslims killing innocent Hindus in India and other innocent by standers would not be happening.
They will argue the Muslims are angry at Israel & America so this is their reaction...hard for rational people to understand but hey the above lot mentioned are far from rational...

Portofino said...

A billion Indians woke up today and were able to say "we are now Jews".

Jews. Not Israelis, not Zionists but Jews.

This is what the Islamic fascists are doing to the world, first to the Jews but then to any one else who doesn't hold their religious beliefs.

The attack on the innocents by the Islamists in Mumbai is the work of the same hand that guides Hezbollah and Hamas.