Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't forget Palestine

The delusional muppets at Australians for Palestine had their "Wall Day" in Melbourne on Friday, 14 November, 2008 and by all accounts, it was an absolute fizzer.

And rightly so because a protest against a security barrier that has saved thousands of lives from Palestinian terrorists deserves to be treated with utmost contempt. It's true that the existence of the barrier has caused some discomfort to the Palestinian people but in the absence of any significant attempt by their leadership to stop the terrorism, the Israelis were left with no choice. And if the Palestinians have friends like the folk down at Australians for Palestine, then based on the gibberish they produce on their website, a peaceful resolution to the conflict and an end to the need for a security barrier are a long, long way off.

It's ironical that the AFP website is currently carrying a fawning tribute to the architect of Israel's security barrier - YASIR ARAFAT d. 11 November 2008 (sic) written by Sonja Karkar.

"Don't forget Palestine
Arafat never did, and he never let others forget"

One would imagine that among those who won't forget the man who died of a mysterious ailment four years ago (and not a week ago as the current AFP home page suggests) would be his beneficiaries who share the $3billion he looted from his own people.

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Anonymous said...

Time to move on the Palestinians are a lost cause..