Thursday, April 10, 2008


From the David Knows blog, another look at O'Loughlin's pathetic one-sided propaganda piece in the Age about "muzzling":-


"Does Ed O'Loughlin have way too much time on his hands or what? Wasn't he supposed to have left his post in the Middle East and gone somewhere else where he could report on genuine issues of global importance? Maybe he should spend some quality time in Darfur, where people keep getting murdered while the world looks on (and journalists have no opportunity to speak out)? ...

"Israel is not the one muzzling peace. The real muzzling going on is the repression of
demonstrations against corruption with the muzzle of a gun. The real muzzling is the continued selective reporting by Ed O'Loughlin that paints whatever picture he wants. Any free thinking individual who relies on more than just The Age to find out what is going on in the Middle East can get a much better and more balanced idea of what is really going on."

With a little bit of luck, some credibility might one day be restored to this once great newspaper but who knows the date when the real muzzler is supposed to finally walk out of the door?

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Portofino said...

When he finally goes, will we hear a collective cheer of Muzzle Tov!