Friday, April 04, 2008


Jewish anti-Zionists have been around since the day when Imperial Rome banished the Jewish people from their own homeland. They don't fit the normal description of a "Jew" but then, what's normal about the Jews?

Ami Isseroff looks at "The future of Jewish anti-Zionism - a Zionist analysis) and concludes that "the social contradictions of the Palestinian movement must lead to the exclusion, if not the annihilation, of the anti-Zionist Jews" and that "it is far better for them if it happens sooner, rather than later. "

"There is no getting around the problem. Anti-Zionist Jews are still Jews. What is the point of getting rid of one type of Jew, if at the end of the day, the Arab Palestinians are to be controlled by a different type of Jew? The problem is highlighted by the rise (or rather the recrudescence) of Islamist ideology among Arab Palestinians. As the Hadith observes, before the end of days, the Muslims will kill all the Jews. It doesn't exempt anti-Zionist Jews. A Jew is a Jew and remains a Jew. A Jew is liable to support outlandish and evil notions like the right of Jews to settle in Palestine, or to oppose time honored customs like wife beating or honorable pursuits like suicide bombing. The Jews will try to hide behind trees. But no tree will shelter Tali Fahima or Ilan Pappe or Jeff Halper."

Many of those Jews who question Israel's right to exist may soon have to confront their own right to exist as Jews - if that's what they really were in the first place.

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