Friday, April 25, 2008


According to BBC World's TV presenter, David Eades "more than half a million Palestinians have been warned their food aid is about to be suspended. The UN, which provides it says it no longer has the fuel to operate its vehicles."


Because of Israel, that's why!

Eades: "A short while ago, I spoke to Aleem Maqbool who is in Ramallah and asked him if the UN are blaming Israel alone for this situation."

Maqbool: "Yes, they are laying the blame with Israel. In fact the U.N. Special Envoy in the region called Israel's policies 'collective punishment'."

Now, Maqbool did go on to mention that the fuel shortage had been made more severe by a strike organised by the Palestinian fuel syndicate that organises fuel distribution in Gaza. He also alluded to the trifling little matter of a recent attack by Palestinian "militants" on the main fuel terminal linking Israel and Gaza (but failed to mention that the "militants" actually murdered two Israeli civilian workers in the attack).

And Eades did mumble something about Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli towns having something to do with the Israeli blockade and buried in an accompanying film clip that showed cute little Palestinian schoolgirls (looking nowhere near the brink of starvation) moving garbage bags from the gates of their school was a reference to the fact that the Israelis had made three days diesel fuel available on humanitarian grounds.

To heck with that! Israel and Israel alone, is to blame for the situation but what situation? Has anybody starved after almost two years in which the BBC and other like minded media have warned of hunger, starvation and humantarian disaster?

The UN Special Envoy's comments and the BBC's presentation provided the perfect backdrop to enable the Libyan envoy to the UN Security Council to seek to get across a message comparing "the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip to Nazi concentration camps" - Palestinians to go hungry as Gaza fuel dries up (for the purposes of providing some perspective, 6 million Jews and between 220,000 and 500,000 Gypsies were killed during the Nazi Holocaust.

French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert, U.S. deputy ambassador Alejandro Wolff, Britain's deputy ambassador Karen Pierce, Belgian Ambassador Johan Verbeke and Costa Rica's deputy ambassador all walked out of the UN Security Council's consultation room after the Libyans backed by the Syrians, who together have done little over the years to help feed their fellow Arabs in Gaza with anything by hatred of the Jews, tried this shameful little stunt.

Strangely enough, neither the BBC, nor the Age, nor the UN, nor the UNWRA website has bothered to mention the fact that UNWRA offices in the West Bank were closed for three days in protest against threats by those pesky Palestinian "militant" groups to the camp committees involving preventing trucks from reaching their objectives and including threats to workers and threats to burn UNWRA stores - UNRWA, the developments and steps it considered highly dangerous (hat tip: Elder of Ziyon).

As for the UN Special Envoy in the region, he would do the Palestinians a favour if he told the world the truth instead of involving himself in a dangerous charade that can only make the lives of hundreds of thousands of people under his watch all the more miserable for his pathetic blustering.

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Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for the BBC. Next time they show vision of the allegedly starving masses in Gaza, ould they do pictures of people who at least look thin and emaciated and not those pudgy, fat mammas the suicide bombers get off on in their dreams of paradise?