Monday, January 21, 2008


Gaza City plunged into darkness, Hamas leaders calling for help, it's a grave humanitarian crisis and all part of a Zionist crime - that's what the thug masters of Gaza are bleating about at the moment - Hamas leader asks for Gaza Strip help.

The truth is something else altogether but the media supporters of Gaza's thug masters will busily put together their spin about the suffering of the local Palestinians as if it was all the fault of those nasty Israelis. According to Ynet here's what's really happening:-

Israeli military officials say there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza; the Palestinians have enough food supply to last them for the next weeks, and that any reports of such a crisis were created and promoted by Hamas.

"While admitting that the situation in the Gaza Strip was far from good, the official rejected claims that Gazans were suffering from a power shortage due to the shutting down of turbines at the local power plant.

'Even today, Israel is behind 70% of the power supply to Gaza, and therefore any claim to the effect that there are electricity problems in Gaza is unfounded,' he stated. 'These are media spins by interested parties. We did not cut back on electricity and don't intend to do so at this point.

'The Palestinians are in fact the ones who shut down power for several hours a day in a bid to create a crisis. At the moment, their fuel supply has not run out yet. If there is shortage of fuel oil at the power plants, they should ask themselves what happened to the supply they received.'

The truth is that the lights have been turned off by Hamas. Life in Gaza has been destroyed by the Qassams - by the Hamas leadership and by the thug masters who care no more for the Palestinian people than for the Israeli civilians who they target. And those who spead the lies and spin of the thug masters also care not for either people.

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Anonymous said...

Egypt's President Mubarak is calling on Israel to cease its operations against the Hamas fascists. What sort of madness is that? It's like telling the Poms during the bombing of London thye shouldn't fight back. If he were a responsible leader he would be telling Hamas to pull its head in and stop the rocket attacks.