Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The latest excuse given by Fairfax for David Hicks' refusal to say sorry for his support of terrorism and his racism is that he is not skilled enough - Hicks 'not skilled enough' to say sorry.

Fair dinkum!

Now, Hicksy's apologists at Fairfax might really believe that their hero is a bit of an imbecile but surely, they don't really believe that their entire readership shares this trait?

Yes, they do because they would have them all believe that this simpleton who days ago was capable of issuing a statement containing 613 words is not skilled enough to add a single additional word of remorse for his self-confessed involvement with a band of bloodthirsty murderers whose noxious world view is anathema to the rest of us.


Gulliver_on_tour said...

Fairfax has put its moral bankruptcy on display by treating this munchkin-like would be thug like a rock star. The difference between Who Weekly which puts a deranged and dishevelled Britney Spears on its front pages and the Age which does the same with Hicks is that the Who people don't take Spears seriously.

Also the Who readers don't swallow this sort of garbage and it goes without saying that they have a much higher IQ than the idiots who swallow the garbage the Age and SMH has been putting out about Hicks.

Anonymous said...

Pity those Fairfax journos are not skilled enough to detect bullshit when they smell it.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic whilst High profile dissident Jewish QC Robert Richter and Jewish QC Ron Merkel [who don't represent Mohamed Hicks} but publicly and passionately advocate for Hicks even though Hicks and his mates would like to see Jews die, don’t have a problem with Hicks [and his fathers according to his repsonse to his sons letters] anti semetic views Richter and Merkel don't seem to have a problem either that Neo nazi Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben [David Irving’s Australian representative] from the Adelaide Institute has Mohamed Hicks American lawyer Major Mori posted on their website standing next to a smiling Toben {Islamists and Holocaust deniers make obvious bedfellows}.
It would be very hard to find any condemnation on the public record or from the many rallies they have spoken at from Richter and Merkel unconditionally condemning Hicks for his Jew hatred.

However it is left up to Richter and Merkels arch adversary Peter Faris QC to publicly condemn Hicks for his virulent anti Semitism.