Thursday, January 17, 2008


The Melbourne Age has borrowed from the London Telegraph (with the LA Times?) to bring its readers an interesting piece of analysis from Tim Butcher on the Bush Administration's efforts to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians Bloodshed shows up Bush Bid.

This is the same Tim Butcher who is responsible for the article - Israeli attack kills 18 Palestinians in Gaza in which he apes the lack of moral clarity of the Age Jerusalem Bureau chief in dismissing the value of non combatant Israeli lives by drawing equivalence between their murder by Palestinian terrorists with IDF action to protect its citizens against the terrorists ("militants if you like") who seek to kill them:-

"Fewer than a dozen Israelis have been killed by the rocket fire in recent years, while hundreds of Palestinians have been killed in reciprocal attacks.".

Palestinians have been firing quassam missiles from Gaza at Israeli civilian centres on a daily basis since before Israel ended its occupation of the Gaza Strip more than two years. But Butcher absolves Hamas from any responsibility for the firing of these missiles since Hamas took over Gaza in last June's coup. This is what Butcher says:-.

"Israel blames Hamas for every rocket fired from Gaza, but the men firing them recently have belonged to other militant groups.

"That all changed on Tuesday when a salvo of at least 10 rockets was fired by Hamas militants in retaliation for the morning's bloodshed.

"It was the first fired by Hamas since last June's takeover of Gaza.".

Butcher is simply butchering the truth here.

Nothing changed on Tuesday. Cross border quassam attacks on Israeli civilians have in recent months been carried out in large numbers by all of the Palestinian terrorist groups including Hamas. In many cases responsibility is not claimed but there is no doubt that Hamas is deeply involved in these attacks. Contrary to Butcher's statement that yesterday's rocket fire was the first "since last June's takeover", Hamas was claiming responsibility for such attacks in July - less than a month after the takeover - Hamas: Qassams were warning to aggressive Israeli 'enemy':-"Hamas claimed responsibility Friday for firing two Qassam rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip earlier in the day, for the first time since the militant group seized power in Gaza from Mahmoud Abbas' rival Fatah movement.".

How many times can you fire a slavo of missiles for the first time?.

Butcher has accepted the Hamas view "hook, line and sinker". He would have done us all (including himself) a favour had he conducted some basic research into the matter but that's not all - it gets worse.

By falling under the Hamas spell and accepting things from its warped perspective (and polls show only 19% of Palestinians do that these days), he is exposed for his lack of understanding of the responsibility of elected governments. To emphasize that Hamas has only now re-entered the missile firing game infers that it somehow had no prior responsibility for the attacks of other so called "militant groups" is an ugly piece of "analysis".

Acccording to international law, Hamas has had the responsibility to prevent attacks on Israeli civilians since it was elected in January 2006. It has done nothing of the sort. It has carried out attacks of its own and has continued to amass arms through smuggling across borders, often in humanitarian aid packages. Two such large caches of arms have been detected in the past fortnight. Butcher accepts that Hamas is well armed - how did it get that way?

Hamas continues to call for the destruction of Israel and will accept nothing less than the dismantling of the Jewish State. Unless Hamas dramatically changes its stated aims, it cannot be part of a negotiation process which has the attainment of peace between Israel and Palestine as its aim and it should be treated with contempt by the international community for cheating its own people of the opportunity for better lives.

No amount of misinformation from bad journalists is going to change that!


Anonymous said...

I've started a new Ed O'Loughlin article on Wiki (with the help of Avraham an Admin Editor) but they are trying to delete that too
Well i suppose you would not be able to register an opinion on the Issue of Wiki
Adon Emett

gulliver_on_tour said...

Keep on persevering Adon Emett. The truth will always come out in the end.