Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Zvi Barel writes in Haaretz that "when the plane carrying U.S. President George W. Bush departs from glittering Dubai and lands in Riyadh, the substantive part of his visit to the Middle East will commence." - The Arabs should stop whining.

Barel raises some interesting items that have so far escaped the attention of most of the media in the west. He refers to an article by Egyptian intellectual and researcher, Mamoun Fandy "The Cards are in the Hands of the Arabs" which appeared in the daily Asharq Al-Awsat and which asks why Israel succeeds in promoting its narrative, arguing that it is alone in its desire for peace, while the Arabs want war?

"Perhaps the time has come for the Arabs, particularly the Palestinians, to take a serious view of Israel's strategic fears. The Israeli question about the nature of the Palestinian state is logical and legitimate. Will this state add to stability or instability in the region?"

Barel concludes by asking another question:

"How is it that the Arab states have still not recognized the existence of Israeli supporters of peace? Where is their Arab partner?"

He's unlikely to receive an answer to a question that is rarely posed in the right places in this region.

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