Sunday, January 20, 2008


Israel's Haaretz newspaper reports that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has lashed out against Hamas accusing it of "destroying the dreams and trying to destroy the future and our national aspirations" - ABBAS ACCUSES HAMAS OF 'DESTROYING OUR NATIONAL ASPIRATIONS'. The article also quotes PA Information Minister Riyadh al-Maliki who also places the blame on Hamas for the IDF offensive in the Gaza Strip.

"The party which staged a coup against the Palestinian Authority and now rules Gaza is responsible for the condition of the Strip and the suffering of the Palestinian people there," he said.

Mr. al-Maliki wouldn't be a PA Information Minister unless he threw some barbs in the direction of Israel:-

"Hamas is responsible for the Israeli madness and the massacres the [Israeli] army carries out everyday against our people in Gaza Strip."


He means Israel's defence of its own citizens by targetting of members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Maliki's own Fatah movement involved in daily cross border missile attacks. Apparently, international law allows nations to defend their own people but not if they happen to be Jews.

Still, his comments show up the reports from one particular Hamas-friendly journalist in our own local media who seems to think he knows something about the conflict in the region and who won't be reporting on these PA claims any time soon. Nor will he report on this or this piece of sickness from Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah because, like Basil Fawlty, there are some things we mustn't talk about at all.


Kishmen Tuches said...

How nice of the Sunday Age to editorialize today about the scourge of antisemitism.

They'd could do us a favour by doing something about the leader of the Hamas and Hezbollah cheer squad from their staff if they really wanted to do something about antisemitism.

Wilbur Post said...

Whilst Hamas and Hizbullah are anti-Semitic groups, the fact that a sympathiser may be on the Age staff does not make either that person or the newspaper anti-Semitic.