Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's been going on for seven years. That's how long Palestinian terrorists have been firing their rockets into the Israeli town of Sderot. The attacks didn't stop even when Israel closed down 21 Jewish settlements in nearby Gaza and ended its occupation of the area in 2005. The terrorists kept on firing at innocent civilians when they could just as easily attacked military targets.

True to its form, the Melbourne Age virtually ignored the constant bombardment and attacks on homes, schools and places of worship over that time. Even when deaths were caused by the supposedly harmless, home-made qassam rockets, the Age downplayed the murderous attacks.

Suddenly, as the citizens of Sderot cry "enough" and the criticism of the Israeli government mounts over the situation in the town, Age reporter Ed O'Loughlin is stirred into action. He's finally found an angle: a story with which he can show the Israeli government in a bad light. So he discovers Sderot.

You can read his report here and reflect on what's missing from his unsympathetic coverage of the victims and their plight.


Anonymous said...

I am resident in Sderot and I tell you the reporter is not telling the truth. Sderot is not a ghost town even some residents left in fright.

I object to the article writing how Israeli air strikes "killed 27 Palestinians in response" to the kassams as if they are an equivalence between victims. There is not. The residents of Sderot have been traumatized for many years. The Israeli bombing is targetting terrorists. If sometimes civilians get in the way because they are made human shield by the terrorists. They want death on both sides.


Gulliver_on_tour said...

Does anybody at the Age know or care about the carnage going on between the Lebanese Army and the terrorist group Fatah al-Islam where the fighting's going on in the middle of a refugee camp?

Do they give a rat's arse about it when Arabs are killing Arabs inside heavily populated civilian centres?

Where are the complaints about humanitarian crimes?

F**king hypocritical bastards!