Monday, May 28, 2007


The Melbourne Age newspaper has become a haven for writers of distortions, half truths and lies as the anti-Israel propaganda campaign mounts with approach of the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War.

Yesterday's Sunday Age was typical as the newspaper ignored the ongoing Palestinian and Lebanese infighting and violence, the inhuman and racist broadcasts aimed at indoctrinating children in the Palestinian media, the kidnapping of a British journalist and the deadly rocket fire across the border into Israel from Gaza.

Instead, we were served with a factually twisted and out of date piece by conservative Israel basher Tim Fischer - Six days of war, 40 years of secrecy.

Now, it might suit Fischer to claim that Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty and to raise conspiracy theories regarding the captured signals and/or a subsequent cover-up, but the facts simply do not support him or his specious argument.

The US National Security Agency declassified transcripts of the radio communications which took place. See -

These confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that the attack was an accident.

[Thanks to Daniel for the additional sources on the accidental attack on the USS Liberty which occurred in the fog of the Six Day Way].

FOOTNOTE: The Age has a stated policy concerning corrections as follows:-

It is the policy of The Age to correct all significant errors as soon as possible. The Age is committed to presenting information fairly and accurately."

One doesn't know whether the policy also relates to the correction of blatant disinformation in opeds but it will be of interest to read whether the Age corrects Fischer's blooper some time soon.


Gulliver_on_Tour said...

The mendacity, spite and Israel hatred of the Age is overshadowed in the U.K. by the Guardian and the Independent.

Independent headline claims defensive war is illegal

Posted by: "Ami Isseroff" ami_iss

Sat May 26, 2007 1:46 pm (PST)

Please write to the Independent and complain about their mendacious and deliberately misleading headline. You must include name, address and daytime telephone if you wish
to have the article published.

Thank you.
Shavua Tov

Independent headline claims defensive war is illegal

The Independent, famous for publishing the baby - eating Sharon cartoon, has proven again that its editors are incompetent, mendacious morons with the following headline: "Secret memo shows Israel knew Six Day War was illegal." It is published here:

The Independent offers not a scintilla of proof for their assertion. Not even close.

Defensive war is not illegal.

Egypt had given Israel Cassus Belli by closing the straights of Tiran. Jordan and Syria were firing on Israeli towns. How could the Six Day War have been illegal?

What Independent tells us instead has no relation at all to the headline:

A senior legal official who secretly warned the government of Israel after the Six Day War of 1967 that it would be illegal to build Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories has said, for the first time, that he still believes that he was right.

Meron said nothing about the war at all. The memo was sent after the war. The Israeli government
could not have known anything about it before the war. The settlements were not contemplated until after the war. What could the Independent be going on about?

A different version of the same nonsense was written up in an AFP story as:

A SECRET memo proves that the Israeli government knew that its occupation of Palestinian land was

In this case, the mistake is that the article says Israel knew the occupation is illegal. Meron wrote nothing about the occupation. Britain, France, the United States and USSR occupied Germany. It was not "illegal."

Meron's opinion regarding the settlements is a different matter.

Ami Isseroff

Anonymous said...

The Age continues to bugger up the news from the ME. Today is the same BS and blather with headlines making it sound as if the Israelis are the warlike aggressors when Palestinians have been firing rockets and traumatising the Israeli population for months. They barely gave that any coverage at all.

I've cancelled my subscription as a result of the Age's campaign against Israel and the Jews.

Justin Cohen said...

He's done a Loewenstein today in his article on Barak's resurgence.

"Mr Barak came to power in 1991 after defeating then prime minister Mr Netanyahu, then and now a leading hawk, with a promise to find a final peace settlement with the Palestinians."

I guess whoever writes his articles isn't an expert in history?