Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MAY 1967

Yaakov Kirschen's Dry Bones makes a good point. Here is what the artist himself says:-

"Typical media coverage of the "mid-east conflict" begins with reporting "an Israeli military action". The situation which brought the Israeli response is under-reported at best.

"As I write this, the ongoing and cruel one-sided rocket war being launched from Gaza against us continues to be a non-story for the world's media. It will be, until we respond. This made me think about how we ourselves are often a party to these distortions of history. "Surely the events of May'67 were as important to remember, review, and understand as those of June'67", I thought. And I drew the above cartoon."

The apologists for the terrorists who fire these rockets often make the claim that qassams are virtually harmless, home made projectiles. Yesterday a 35 year old Israeli woman was killed by one of them. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Resistance Committees all claimed responsibility for the attack. The lessons of 1967 will be remembered.

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