Thursday, May 24, 2007


I never get tired of watching those melodramatic old mysteries full of intrigue, surprise and plot twists that envelope the reader in the shadowy world of treachery and murder. This is so even when the surprise ending offers no surprise at all, such as when the plot unravels and you discover that the usual suspect was the criminal. The butler did it!

Much the same can be said about the condition of Palestinian society today. Irrespective of the situation – even when Palestinians are killing each other and there isn't an Israeli or a Jew in sight, it's always the "occupation" that did it. This "occupation" has become the modern day Palestinian butler on which the blame for every wrong in its society is heaped without challenge or question.

I therefore invite you to watch the above You Tube which provides a new twist to the now tired old Palestinian "occupation did it" plot. It shows the internal bloodletting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza where the Israeli occupation ended in 2005 and how the two "militant" groups go about their deadly activities without regard for the safety of the innocent civilians around them.

So much so that one man wishes for a return of the Israelis in order to save his people from the murderers. This is one Palestinian story in which neither the butler nor the occupation did it!

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