Thursday, May 10, 2007


Palestine's Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti has removed for "review" an outrageous television programme that uses Farfour, a Mickey Mouse-like character, to urge Palestinian children to fight Israel and the West and work for world Islamic domination. According to Barghouti, the show has been removed because the use of the cartoon character in such a role represented a "mistaken" approach to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

Nice work Mustafa but I smell a rat. You're lying!

The truth is that Barghouti is in damage control mode because, for once, this example of extreme incitement in the official Palestinian media came under scrutiny in the media. As you can see from the Associated Press headline, Farfour wasn't talking about a struggle against Israeli occupation - his message was about the destruction of Israel and "Islamic dominion" as well (no doubt under pressure from the Arab lobby, AP later changed its headline to "Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' preaches resistance" but the cartoon's message remains crystal clear).

Israel has long been complaining about the incitement that fills the Palestinian airwaves. A short visit to the Memri or Palestinian Media Watch sites provides numerous examples of how the Palestinian media is poisoning the minds of its own population with vile race hatred. This is, of course, in wilful breach of the PA's international commitments to end such incitement.

Naturally, the Palestinians will always find a way to blame the Israelis for their own malfeasance. According to Samir Zakkout of the Gaza Community Health Programme, it's "the fault of both (Israel and the Palestinians). If Palestinians had peace, children wouldn’t learn violence."

That is indeed the case but if the PA honoured its international commitments to end violence and incitement then both sides could get down to talking peace as set out in their written down agreements. That is the way to end the occupation and achieve palestinian statehood and peace.

As for our own media, you can rely on The Age's Ed O'Loughlin to ignore the media controversy about Farfour. Instead he continues his pre-occupation with attacking Israel by regurgitating condemnation of Isreali road-blocks and other security measures in the West Bank, this time by the World Bank. The article takes its time explaining the reasons for the Israeli measures (I think O'Loughlin knows deep down that very few readers can remain awake for the duration of his articles anyway) and doesn't mention the numerous errors contained in the World Bank's report.

As for Farfour, O'Loughlin shows us again that he's a mouse and not a man and ignores Hamas' favourite rodent.

The two other daily newspapers available in Melbourne, the Australian and the Herald Sun ran with Mickey Mouse today and the Age did not.

You can draw your own conclusions as to why.


Anonymous said...

There is only one conclusion - that the Age deliberately disciminates against Israel when it comes to bad news about the Palestinians.

I find this newspaper sickening and O'Loughlin offensive.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't write to the editor of the Age complaining about O'Loughlin. He's a bit like the koala - a protected species.

Anonymous said...

Barghouti's lying ha just been compounded.

Farfour continues to live on Hamas TV

Justin Cohen said...

It seems that the powerful Arab Lobby is working overtime to suppress the Hamas Mickey Mouse story.

The video posted to YouTube by Palestinian Media Watch has now been removed "due to terms of use violation."

There's a lot of ant-Israel stuff out there on YouTube which goes well beyond the pale and never gets pulled.

The only thing the PMW video does is tell the truth about what the kiddies under PA are watching. It's downright embarrasing and damaging the Palestinian cause but for f's sake it tells the truth about them.

Anonymous said...

Hamas is going to great lengths to demonstrate contempt for its own children despite the international condemnation of their racist rodent.

According to PMS, Farfur was caught cheating on a test in the latest shambolic episode of Mickey Martyr and when asked why he cheated (and I kid you not here) he responded thus:-

"It was against my will, uncle Hazem, because the Jews destroyed our home, and when the Jews destroyed our home I couldn’t find my notebooks."