Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Arnold & Frimet Roth's excellent blog from Israel, THIS ONGOING WAR, asks whether Palestinian children can survive the terrorists who are driving their society into the mud.

Here's an excerpt from It's raining death again:-

"Unfortunately for Israelis living on undisputed Israeli land in proximity to the cesspools of the emerging Pal-Arab polity in Gaza, whenever the fratricidal Fatah -v- Hamas blood-letting reaches fever pitch, as it is this week, the rockets start to fly into the cottages, shops, factories and schools on our side of the border. (The ever-reliable Khaled Abu Toameh offers his againstthe-stream analysis today under the headline 'Boycott fueled Fatah-Hamas tensions'.)"

The Roths' article describes some of the really interesting things being done by Hamas lately - especially on its own television programmes for children.

Strangely enough, there's one Jewish voice around these parts (and away from the firing line) who doesn't have a problem endorsing the Hamas crowd's right to travel the world and to spread its hatred (and that of Hizbullah and its supporters to do the same thing).

Of course, he wouldn't have much of a voice left if his mates at Hamas invoked the Hamas Covenant's Seventh Article in his presence but that's another story.


Incognito said...

Programming that indoctrinates children with hatred, has existed in Palestine (and other M.E. countries) way before the world glommed on to their version of Mickey Mouse as spokesman for world domination. Had it not been a Mickey look-a-like I wonder if there would have been as much of an outcry.

Justin Cohen said...

Agreed incognito. In fact, I recall that PA TV was doing the same thing with Sesame Street characters a few years ago.

The problem with these thugs is that they have no sense of humour and they're not teaching their children to laugh and to love. There's no chance of reconciliation and peace when your kids are being taught in this way.

As for the children, even if there is an afterlife for these would-be martyrs, I don't think it's going to be much fun.