Saturday, June 02, 2012

Whose Apartheid?

Dangerous Zionists occupying a beach somewhere between the river and the sea

The mainstream media in this country finds it difficult to relate stories such as this one (Palestinian school principal punished after scandalous dance with Israelis) which appeared in the Gulf News during the week.

It's about a young Palestinian school principal who took his students from the West Bank to the beach at Jaffa and was punished for his efforts because his students came too close to rubbing shoulders with the young Israelis on the same beach. It seems that whilst the PA Ministry of Education licensed the excursion, mixing with Israelis on the beach should not have been allowed, according to an official who preferred to remain anonymous.

This is of course, a clear example of apartheid, one of many instances from the official Palestinian side which agenda driven journalists prefer to consign to the blank pages. After all, as the photographs on this page clearly reveal, the Zionist occupiers constitute a grave danger to the oppressed Palestinian people.

H/t Elder of Zion


The Gharkwad Tree said...

This disgraceful activity on the part of the Zionists must be dealt with swiftly and forcibly. I propose to bring this to the attention of Mr. Slezak and Ms. Porzolt when they occupy Monash University next week to expose the pernicious Zionist movement. These peace activists will unveil the one state solution which will put an end to this dangerous cavorting of half naked Zionist men and women in front of impressionable young Palestinians and prevent their exposure to corrupt practices such as homosexuality and dining on gefilte fish, veal schnitzel and chicken soup. The evil Zionist scourge must be removed from Palestine and the Arab world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tree,

I don't know what you're smoking but you're definitely barking up the wrong one.


Bella said...

Roy - u r absolutely correct.

Tree is totally wrong. It's not gefilte fish, schnitzel or chicken soup that's corrupted the ME. It's equal rights for women, the right to social welfare and a say in government for all citizens irrespective of gender, skin colour, religion, ethnicity.

It has been shown that society breaks down when such outlandish principles as above are taught at schools. Just look at Israel where the above principles have resulted in increased GDP, more scientific, medical and other achievements than per capita any other country.

That Palestinian teacher should be flogged if he is a man and stoned (to death, not the other kind) if a woman.

They don't have problems like this in Saudi, where in 2002 rescuers shoved 15 school-girls back into a fire after having chosen on the girls' behalf that being burn to death was preferable to being seen without head-covering.