Thursday, June 07, 2012


I received a tweet earlier this week:
Haters are like crickets, Crickets make a lot of noise, You hear it but you can't see them, Then right when you walk by them, They're quiet.
I'm not too sure about them always being quiet when you walk past them because the haters who were out in the streets of Melbourne earlier this week made a fair bit of noise as the people walked past them in their attempt to mar celebrations of Israel's independence. However, the ferals do fail to do anything but inspire contempt for their hate filled agenda - FLAMES OF PROTEST FAIL TO MAR SPIRITS.

The crowd which is apparently unperterbed by the fact that the Syrian regime which is just down the road from Israel/Palestine and which has comfortably housed leaders of Hamas and Hizbullah is currently butchering Arabs in the streets but has no qualms about coming out in support of corrupt, murderous regimes like those who are running the show in the various Palestinian governments.

On those subjects, the haters are remarkably quiet.

And about those Palestinian "governments", it's worthwhile to note (as a reader pointed out in a letter to today's Australian) that there "have been no Palestinian parliamentary elections since 2006, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's term expired in 2009, and Hamas rules the Gaza Strip after staging a bloody coup there in 2007. And Abbas promises that no Jew will be allowed to live in any future Palestinian state".

That's what these sick and heateful morons who burn effigies of Victorian politicians in the streets are all about.

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