Friday, June 15, 2012

Is this the end of the Blank Pages?

There are some funny things afoot at Fairfax and some are speculating that perhaps the Fairfax newspapers are on the way out. Here's an interesting item from yesterday's Australian - Fairfax investor backs Rinehart.

Well, if they go, then we might have to go as well ... which is a pity because they do a great job with the footy and the races!

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Anonymous said...

Fear not oh noble Wilbur,

The last couple days at the Age have kept their long tradition going strong.

Two feature article by Ruth Pollard.

One on the plight of poor Sudanese Israel hopes to expel, the other on the dastardly Israeli plot to degrade the Gazan water supply to make the children there suffer, die and under-achieve.

Both replete with lies and half truths and fully out of context.

Plenty of work still.

Sometimes I feel like starting a "let's close the Age movement" in order to lift the abysmal quality of journalism seen in Victoria.

Adon Emmett