Friday, June 22, 2012

The Colour Ugly

The laws of copyright were certainly not designed to encourage or even permit selective censorship based on national origin or religion
- Alan M Dershowitz

Hebrew has been one of the languages of the Jewish people since time immemorial and certainly from well before the time English was spoken.

Today, we discover that prize winning author and anti-Israel bigot Alice Walker who wrote, "The Color Purple", has refused to give permission for her book to be translated into Hebrew - Alice Walker's Bigotry.

Alan Dershowitz goes on to say that Walker, "who has a long history of supporting terrorism against Israel, has now resorted to bigotry and censorship against Hebrew-speaking readers of her writings."

"This is the moral and legal equivalent of neo-Nazi author David Duke disallowing his books to be sold to Black and Jewish readers."

In a week when more than 100 Palestinian rockets were fired indiscriminately from Gaza into Israel by Hamas whose charter is racist and contemptible, Walker's action in my view runs much further than bigotry.

She is now an actor in the campaign of hatred and delegitimisation of the Jewish people - a cheerleader for haters who commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

This is the colour ugly.

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Anonymous said...

You are a liar. You belong in a mental institution because your sense of reality is seriously some crazy shit.

Isreal is the oppressor
Palestine is the oppressed.

These are the facts