Tuesday, June 05, 2012


For every day of its existence Israel and Syria have been in a state of war. The Syrians have been up to their necks in the warmongering against the Jewish State in all of its major battles for existence and, of late the Butcher of Damascus has been crucial in hosting leaders of the genocidal Hamas movement and in providing a supply route for weapons betweenn the ayatollahs of Iran and the Islamic Hizbullah terrorists.

When forces loyal to Assad the Butcher killed at least 108 people and injured around 300, mostly women and children, last week in Houla in Homs province Israel's leaders came out strongly in their condemnation of the massacre - Netanyahu 'revolted' by Syria's Houla massacre.

There is no reason for Israel to become embroiled in the events taking place in Syria and there is no evidence to support such a suggestion. It was therefore unnecessary to include Israel or the U.S in the mix of bad guys currently involved in the massacre of the Syrian people unless you have a certain paranoid, sick agenda that must involve the "Little Satan" in every nasty plot that affects the region.

And yet the Age's pathetic, sick and unfunny cartoonist decided it was necessary to include Israel in his depiction of Syria's bloody mess pressing the U.S into the fray for good measure.

This is simply disgusting and unworthy of what passes for a serious newspaper, particularly since it came on the same day as this - 3
hurt in apparent anti-Semitic attack in France (ironically not reported you know where).

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