Sunday, June 05, 2011


Is it possible for an apartheid state to put on a talent contest featuring a woman from Ethiopian singing in Arabic?

This is 21-year old Hagit Yasou who comes from Sderot which has been bombarded in recent years by thousands of missiles from neighbouring Hamas controlled Gaza.

I think this proves what they're saying about Israel being an apartheid state is wrong and it also proves those who say it are damn liars.


Terry Couchman said...

Yes it is possible for a Government of state to practice Apartheid; as the Zionist Government of Israel has done in Israel generally in the past; in Jerusalen now and (as it happens) in the Occupied Areas where it operates 'its Rule of Law'. The accusation of the practice of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing' stands in spite of the good works that many good cooperating Jews and Arabs do in Israel, in order to try an change the situation. We do the same from the outside. It is the Israeli Government's abusive and murderous practices that have to stop and the it is time that those who vote in these abusive people faced up to their responsibility for the consequences of encouraging such a abusive regime in the name of democracy. Its a disgrace and you know it. Nice work are a promise for the future, not an adequate compensation for others who abuse, or (just as sick), excuse the abused. Go try, try again.

Ruth Green said...

I have been resident in Jaffa for several years and am involved in working with Arab and Jewish community there. Many initiatives are supported by the Israeli government.

Terry Couchman, you don't have a clue what you're talking about when you mention Apartheid and Ethnic cleansing and allege "abusive and murderous practices". The abuse comes from demented outsiders like yourself who are ignorant and swallow the lies of people who want to destroy peace, deligitimise Israel as a Jewish state and prevent the nation from exercising its sovereign right to self-defence.

You are the one who excuses the abusers. You are one of them.

Anonymous said...

Is that your best shot Terry? A mish mash of cliches about those eeeevil Zionists without any semblance of truth or the facts.

Such hatred!