Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Sandy Guttman (aka Austen Tayshus) turns deadly serious and destroys Rhiannon, McGeough and the Palestinian woman planted in the audience for last night’s Q&A.

A definite own goal for those who thought this bloke was just a comic and was going to be a funny Jew who could be kicked around by the hyena crowd.

The audience wasn't impressed by Rhiannon's flog a dead horse propaganda soliloquy in favour of BDS and she fared worse when Guttman went on the attack.

McGeough's fumbling explanation as to how he came to use the term "hyenas" in his infamous Walkely Awardwinning article was so hilarious that he made Guttman look like the straight man in a comedy routine gone wrong.

Worse still were his comments about the New York Jews targetted by BDSers over in the States. Dangerous stuff about which more will almost certainly be heard later.

It was good to see bipartisan agreement from both the Government and the Opposition on the evil of the BDS movement which was so predictably supported by Rhiannon and McGeough.

POSTSCRIPT [8 June 2011]

This Australian Editorial neatly dissects why the Apartheid analogy is wrong on Israel - Tutu is wrong on Israel boycott

It concludes:
The Marrickville campaign, which was opposed by all political leaders including senator Bob Brown and which would have cost ratepayers dearly, was thankfully dumped. On the ABC's Q&A on Monday, Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon made a fool of herself talking up the boycotts and claiming Palestinians were subject to apartheid. Archbishop Tutu should be wise to such nonsense.


Anonymous said...

When the Muslim communities ABC set up the Palestinian/Arab girl to ask the leading question on the Israeli/Palestinian-Arab- Muslim conflict I don't think al' ages Palestinian propagandist Paul MG Goo and Greens obsessed Israel basher ''whatshername'' didn't know what hit them.
They thought Auntie had delivered them some schmuck who was going to be overwhelmed by the Lefty Loonies but Sandy/Austen asked the relevant questions most of us would have liked to asked these idiots.. like why are you so obsessed with Israel?

Perhaps the Jewish community leadership may learn something from this encounter that being Politically Correct and just trying to get out the facts on the conflict always on the defensive has got them nowhere.

Gulliver_on_tour said...

I didn't realise how much of a lightweight McGeough is until he appeared on Q&A. Totally out of his depth.

Still, he's an intellectual of the highest order when stacked up next to Rhiannon.

Shirl in Oz said...

"Jewish community leadership may learn something from this encounter that being Politically Correct and just trying to get out the facts on the conflict always on the defensive has got them nowhere."
Exactly Anonymous and a fair few of us are working on that one !

Anonymous said...

I watched Q&A and I have to say that the first time ever I felt unusually satisfied by the programme. Usually, Q&A leaves me cold and with a bad taste in my mouth because of its rampant agenderism, its deliberate demonisation of conservative (or anyone with conservative or libertarian views) political opinions. Both the audience and particularly the panel are deliberately stacked in favour of loony leftist agendas and opinions as well as the usual bullshit anti-Israel rhetoric. Well, its usual anti-Israel rhetoric fell flat on its face on Monday night and it was divine to see. Sandy Gutman handled himself superbly and so did Christopher Pyne. Gutman exposed both McGeogh and Rhiannon for all their Jew hating anti-semitism. You see, McGeogh and Rhiannon have to wear their Jew hatred and Gutman exposed them for what they are .... tawdry Jew haters that would have made Goebbels proud. These 2 slimes are obsessed with hatred of the Jewish state and Jews in general. However, to get to my main point. As a Jew, I am constantly let down by our mediocre Jewish community leadership when dealing with and confronting the anti-semitic drivel emanating from the SMH, THe Age, ABC et al. The Jewish community leadership, particularly in New South Wales are so hamstrung by political correctness and leftist ideology. Most of the community here in New South Wales are conservative voters but you would not think so by our leadership. Whilst not naming names, I remember last year after the flotilla episode, the media reponse by certain members of our leadership was pathetic. We need leaders who expose the anti-semitism in the SMH, the ABC, SBS, etc etc. We need leaders like Gutman who call a spade a spade. And you know what, Jews want it and so do non-Jews. Go Sandy Gutman and go Christopher Pyne.