Sunday, June 26, 2011

Five minutes for Gilad Shalit

I commend Five minutes for Gilad Shalit by Sam Tatarka
Corporal Gilad Shalit has been held in captivity by the barbarian Hamas regime without the most basic of human rights. "The Red Cross cannot visit him. He is denied any contact with the outside world and there is no way to know whether his physical well being is being maintained."

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Anonymous said...

Among the rabid pro Hamas, pro death posters there's this brilliant rebuttal of their lies from a Ray Walker -

I am a relief worker and have just returned from Gaza and find most of the posts illinformed offensive and plainly bias and agenda driven.
Firstly currently the Red Cross and 11 other Human Rights organisations are demanding Hamas allow them access to the Kidnapped soldier and proof that he is alive.
Hamas have ignored all the norms of warfare by refusing to allow REd Cross access , even the Nazis in WW2 allowed the REd Cross confirmation as to wether prisoners were alive or dead.
I spent at least 2 weeks in Gaza and mixed with many other relief workers and I what I have experienced is a conflict between the Palestinian factions and the serious mistreatment of Palestinian Christians and obvious bias against non Muslims.
It is common knowledge that the Palestinian militants fire their rockets form within civllian areas in the hope that Israel fire will kill civillians to help their PR in the international community.
I also travelled to Israeli Jerusalem and spoke with many Israeli-Arabs who overwhelmingly all agree they would much prefer to live under Israel governemnt than any Palestinian/Arab government. We can see now with the Arab spring, no doubt Libyan , Syrian Egyptian or Tunisian Arabs would be happy to like their free Israel- Arab brothers and sisters.
It appears to me the Israel-Palestinian conflict is fuelled by hatred of Jews by the Islamic/Arab world and we have seen the hatred between SUnNi and Shea Muslims and racsist treatment of Christians and non Muslims . It is partly a religious war Muslims dont want Jews or Non believers in their part of the world that there is no doubt.
In my Opinion as long as Hamas is in POower the problem will never be solved .

Posted by Ray Walker, Saturday, 25 June 2011 1:50:31 PM