Friday, June 17, 2011


Bill Anderson in today's Australian on Fairfax's extraordinary decision to appoint Paul "Hyena Man" McGeough as chief correspondent. Apparently, this is how a sinking ship struggles to keep "balanced" -

"AS The Age is one of the newspapers I read every day, I believe that your editorial's critique is abundantly supported by the daily evidence of bias in front of my eyes.

The editorial is timely because The Age has recently announced that the infamously anti-Israel "journalist" Paul McGeough has been rewarded for his long record of anti-Israel invective by being appointed chief correspondent for The Age and that he is going to be "covering global affairs and international crisis zones" no less. Clearly the way to get ahead at Fairfax is to put the boot into Israel at every opportunity.

Bill Anderson, Surrey Hills, Vic"


Anonymous said...

Let's face it - they're cactus -

Anonymous said...

al age, Syrian Morning Herald [ SMH} and fairfax are lost cause and only the Pro-Islamists, socialists and anti _zionists enjoy reading those rags.. If you want fair and balanced coverage read the Oz ...