Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Some time ago, Louise Adler published Antony Loewenstein's error filled tome called My Israel Question. As publisher she bore the responsibility for such monumental clangers as the map that showed the bulk of northern Israel as being in Lebanon, not to mention dozens of other factual errors in Loewenstein's fatally flawed propaganda piece.

It comes as no surprise that her offspring produces a horror story dripping with words and phrases such as "false elision", "nominal sacralisation", "historiography" and "dialectical cycle" and based on a fictional country to which she gives the name "Israel" but which bears no relationship to the actual state - BDS a last resort counter to Israeli exceptionalism.

What makes this piece so banal and evil is that it is a response to visiting former Israeli Member of Knesset Naomi Chazan's thoughtful piece in The Drum entitled The Quest for a Two State Solution in which Professor Chazan demolishes the hateful BDS campaign as being counterproductive to the quest for peace between Israel and Palestinians.

At least Adler is clear that she supports the elimination of Israel and its replacement with one state, thereby ignoring the desire and rights of both Jews and Palestinians to their own self-determination.

"The possible elimination of the State of Israel does not imply the elimination of Jews."

This is not a problem for Ms. Adler-Gillies. She just wants the Israelis to comply with some "moral standard" which she does not consider appropriate for others in the neighbourhood like Hamas, Hizbullah, the Iranians or the Syrians who would happily shoot their own fellow citizens in the face let alone the hated Jews whose destruction they call for in their charters, in their media, in mosques and on their streets.

Adler-Gillies is one of those people of who Golda Meir once said would deliver beautiful eulogies for the dead Jews had they not fought back against the Arab armies and had been destroyed in 1948. Hypocrisy is throwing people under the bus at a pinch.

I wonder what she would think about the two state solution that was applied when the Czech Republic and Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) divorced each other amicably in the early 1990s? Czech exceptionalism is as meaningless a term as Israeli exceptionalism but Adler-Gillies feels safe in applying it to one people alone.

Rather than allow the Jews a state of their own, she would rather subject them to the "kosher" standards of governance we see in Egypt, Syria and Libya or under Hamas in the Islamic theocracy of Gaza under the yoke of Hamas whose charter gives recognition to the notorious The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Ms. Adler-Gilles' piece in The Drum would fit well as just another chapter in that infamous forgery, celebrated by totalitarians of the far left and the fascists alike.


Privileged said...

After reading that drivel I wonder what chance there would be of the ABC accepting this article if mummy and daddy were other people?

Alex Goodman said...

One would have to search very hard to find such mindless psychobabble anywhere else on the face of this earth. Gillies-Adler should try to learn something of the history of the Palestinians before turning her destructive efforts in sympathy with them towards the Jews.

Her only contribution to the discussion on BDS is that she has me convinced that it means "Bullshit Detection Systems".

Paddy Hugh said...

Actually, I think I just found where she got the inspiration for that article!

I give you The Postmodernist Generator.

Very helpful for getting high scores in humanities essays at Uni! The lecturer is bound to mark you high, rather than risk being seen to be sub-intellectual by saying " what the hell does this drivel actually mean??".

Also bound to get high marks if you build your postmodern essay around some tired anti-Israel solgans.