Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A campaign of incitement against Israel and the Jewish people is being waged not only in Switzerland where the Durban 2 hatefest continues despite the appearance on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day of Iran's President Ahmadinejad who delivered the keynote speech and called for the destruction of Israel but in the media as well.

Not surprisingly, the campaign is also being fought in the media and Fairfax is at the forefront of the battle. Yesterday, I noted the Sydney Morning Herald and its appeasement editorial - A WORLD IN SHAME.

The Age is tagging along with the publication today of no less than three letters containing outright lies inciting hatred against the Jewish State. These include false accusations that Israel practices apartheid and the now fashionable (among Israeli bashers) odious comparisons with the Nazi regime.

That's strange because democratic Israel gives equal rights to its minorities, all citizens can vote and there are Arabs and Jews in its Knesset which has included Arab government ministers in the past. Successive Israeli governments, including the current government of Benjamin Netanyahu have confirmed their preparedness to accept the principle of two states for two peoples. On the other hand, the Palestinians are governed by Hamas in Gaza - an organisation dedicated to the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel and by the PA in the West Bank which doesn't say it wants to murder Jews, only that its land be "judenrein" and refuses to accept Israel as a state for the Jewish people.

Today's we notice a new phenomenon among Israel bashing letter writers. They are careful to dissasociate themselves from Ahmedinejad and his Holocaust denial but, having done that, they simply repeat the lies and the vile accusations.

Yesterday, there were two letters supporting Israel published in the print edition but they mysteriously failed to materialize in its on line letters. No surprise - it is presumed that they were simply consigned to the blank pages by members of the pro Arab lobby that float around the place occasionally managing to embed the odd Michael Backman piece and ensuring that stories about this never get to see the light of day in their newspaper.

Now just to show the difference between life under real Nazis and life in Gaza, I've reproduced two photographs above. One is from a collection of photographs on the Free Gaza site showing a member of that organisation checking out supplies in a local store in Gaza. The other is of real victims of the Nazis marching to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Can you tell the difference?

The Age can't!

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