Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Delegates walking out on Ahmedinejad during the Durban 2 racist festival.

Shame on those who remained seated.


Anonymous said...

My Guess the representatives of Switzerland[ the bankers to the Nazis] the Swedes the official supplier of steel to the Nazi war machine, the Norwegians { who have built the biggest Mosque in Europe in Oslo] , the Danes { huge Muslim population to please] I heard the Britt's walked out but that is very surprising { Uk Islamic terror head office in Europe] Spain they still hate the Jews, and of course all the African, Arab and Islamic nations.. if they allowed outsiders to the conference Malcolm Frazer, peanut Farmer Carter, Loewenstein and his groupies Richter and Adler and of course the Editors of Fairfax group and not forgetting the ABC and SBS crew and lastly academics from Universities of NSW, Sydney ,Latrobe, Maquarie and Melbourne......oh and Phillip Adams


Anonymous said...
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