Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recalling Auschwitz not enough to control Iran

This editorial from the San Francisco Examiner says it all - Recalling Auschwitz not enough to control Iran
This is not the first time the U.N., which was created to foster international law, human rights and world peace, has failed to live up to its main mission. Since Hitler's day, millions of people have been starved or slaughtered in Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Darfur, North Korea, Rwanda and other places. Yet, the U.N. is more likely to condemn military action taken to prevent or stop genocide than to actually confront blood-thirsty tyrants like Ahmadinejad who publicly threaten to unleash it.

When a member state announces plans to annihilate its neighbor, there can be only one correct response from the U.N.: total shunning by the entire international community, including ironclad economic sanctions, quickly followed by joint military action to shut down the rogue's war-making capability if necessary.

Until that happens, the U.N. will continue to be nothing more than a weak and ineffectual international body of all talk and no real action, which the current and future Hitlers of the world will be all too happy to ignore.

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