Friday, April 03, 2009


There's a double standard out there, I'm sure.

This week, the leaders of the Arab world (a nice wholesome bunch of royal hangers on, petty dictators and one or two token democratically elected heads of state) descended on Qatar for a continuation of their interminable squabbles among each other, some chest beating about the Zionists and to show their support for Omar al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, who is the subject of an International Criminal Court arrest warrant on charges of genocide.

Marty Peretz in his New Republic blog comments:
The summiteers are not concerned about human rights in their own countries or very much, for that matter, in each others' countries. But do any of you doubt that Bashir is guilty of genocide? Do any of you doubt that hundreds of thousands (three, maybe four hundred thousand) of African Muslims have been murdered by Arab Muslim hordes deployed by Khartoum to kill, rape and pillage.

The Arabs are moved only by the plight of the Palestinians.This is true. It is, in fact, a truism, so obvious that one should be embarrassed even having to argue it. And why the plight of the Palestinians? Because their condition can be blamed on Israel and--make no mistake about it--on the Jews, the Jews the world over.

Peretz adds:

I also believe that Israel, with America and England and Australia, are probably
the most ethically constrained militaries in the world. Of one fact I am
absolutely certain: the leaders of the Arab world are welcoming a mass murderer
into their midst. And, instead of turning him over to authorities in the Hague,
they are welcoming him because he is an Arab who is killing black Africans.

The double standard?

Scour your newspaper for reports on the number of people butchered by the Sudanese and their proxies on a daily basis and look as well for reports on the number of allegations of war crimes made against Israel in the wake of its war with Hamas in Gaza. Look for the number of reports of Hamas atrocities and note the tone of the articles in newspapers such as the Melbourne Age.

Look out for follow up stories in the Age on the conductor of the Palestinian orchestra now that Palestinian officials have banished her from the West Bank because she decided to bring music to elderly survivors of Isreal's victims of genocide.

You won't find them because the Palestinian lobby censors running the media intifada against Israel over there have consigned the stories to the blank pages.

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Anonymous said...

We all know we are expected to ignore when Palestinian Hamas butcher Fatah Palestinians or Palestinian Muslims butcher , intimidate and discriminate against Christian Palestinians, or Lebanese Muslims butcher and discriminate against Leb, Christians or when Iraqi Shea Butcher Iraqi Sunni's ,Pakistani Muslims butcher Pakistani Christians, Indonesian Muslims butcher Indonesian Christians, Sudanese Arabs butcher Sundanese black Africans[ including Muslims]... blah blah but we should only get concerned when Jews react or retaliate against Palestinains, Arabs and Muslims who are addicted to violence and outnumber Jews 100 to One ...Go Figure