Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wonders never cease

Two years after Israel's Second Lebanon War, the Melbourne Age is beginning to see the light and is even using the "T" word in referring to Hizbullah. It's also conceding at last that the terror group "triggered a war with Israel in 2006" - Move to block Hezbollah's 'terror TV'.
AUTHORITIES are trying to stop an anti-Semitic satellite TV station broadcasting into Australia from Indonesia - which has already rejected US efforts to take the channel off the air.
What is particularly disturbing is the fact that the Australian Arabic Council chairman Roland Jabbour supports the right of this organisation of thugs (which doesn't discriminate between Arabs and Jews when it comes to committing acts of murder) on the grounds of freedom of speech and the artificial distancing of the political wing of the party from its military wing.

Never mind that al-Manar promotes and raises money for terrorism which is illegal. Never mind that the alleged "freedom of speech" is abused by al-Manar to promote anti-Semitism and that such hate speech is also illegal in this country.

The admission by Jabbour that the channel was "very popular and widely watched by Arabic speakers in Australia" should also be a matter of concern but at least the truth is now starting to leap out of the blank pages!


Anonymous said...

What is Pathetic is that Roland Jabbour head honcho of Australia's Arabs says his people here enjoy and want to see Hezbollah Terrorist TV.I guess all the incitement of hatred towards Jews ,intolerance towards Americans and Israeli's makes his people feel good...

Anonymous said...

Imagine the outcry form the Arab/Muslim community if Tel Aviv TV were to be beamed into Australia via singapore of of the few non extremist Asian countries and the Israelie TV network were to show the danish Cartoons, have interviews with Salman Rushdie,Ayaan Ali Hirsi and Waffa Sultan all in the name of freedom of speech!
What a Joke.