Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is the sole letter in today's Melbourne Age about the conflict between Russia and Georgia. The writer might well be right but I'm surprised at the lack of correspondence or venom and bile from the uusual suspects who would normally be all over this if a certain other nation had responded to an attack from one of its neighbours in Russia's style:

By Georgia, trouble started at home

THE stoush in the Caucasus has all the hallmarks of bygone days, with regime leaders in Moscow calling into line their puppet states. On closer examination it would appear that the gullible leader in Tiblisi may have listened too much to the incompetent leader in Washington.

George Bush has visited Georgia twice in recent times, and Condoleezza Rice has also been there. It would appear to be mischievousness on the part of the US regime that has precipitated this conflict.

The Yeltsin/Putinisation of Russia has certainly not produced an ideal democracy , but on this occasion the villains may not be the Russians.

Rob Park, Surrey Hills

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