Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Gaza Boat People Arrive (and nobody cares)

The Gaza boat people have finally arrived and would have been most disappointed that the Israelis allowed them through to Gaza without detaining them and without any violence.

The voyage was mysteriously deelayed for a little while and the given reasons were somewhat vague. However, people in the know believe that these klutzes suddenly realised that the rest of the world was more focussed on the Olympics (a mistake Arafat didn't make in 2000 when he delayed the Second Intifada until after the Sydney Olympic Closing Ceremony) and the war between Georgia and Russia where 2,000 people were permanently ethnically cleansed in the short space of a couple of days.

In the absence of any vision of blood spattered Gaza sailors the world's media passed on these attention seeking frauds who had the temerity to call themselves "peace activists" rather than their proper description of puppets of a warmongering racist regime of thugs.

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