Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life in Gaza

Asylum seeker shot dead in Gaza - THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

Despite diversionary stunts like the boat trip to hell mentioned in yesterday's blog, the daily news is just beginning to centre on the real nature of the society that Hamas has been working hard to establish in Gaza and would do in the rest of the Palestinian territories if it achieved its aims. One of the victims in this instance was a man who once sought and was refused asylum in Australia.

This guy had problems with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. He claimed to have been tortured and the previous government knew all that and still forced him out.

It seems he had problems with his friends as well because he found himself involved in a fight between two families and, "we understand, he was shot dead by a member of one of the families."

Nice guy ... deserving of the refugee advocate who spoke on his behalf.

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Anonymous said...

it appears the left want Australia to be the dumping ground similar to Uk for all the worlds extremists, intolerant, criminals and trouble makers , sure have immigration but how about immigrants that ad value to our country we used to have.
That Palestinians like so many of his fellow travelers form the middle east had family issues , is that our governments fault , get real!