Thursday, August 28, 2008


The Australian letters blog has some entertaining patter about the sacking of Jaspan from readers under the heading - I grew up in a household that revered The Age.

One correspondent who goes by the name of "Bert" has produced this wonderful little piece of comedy that had me slapping my knees in tearful laughter for a good 10 minutes:-

Is it just possible that The Age with a new editor will be less biased and not so pro Israel? Australian media suffers the same timidity as the US, as the Counter Punch website explains:
The Age "pro Israel".

Sheer genius!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the far left wing Fairfax culture which includes hatred towards America and as stuffed down our throats particularly by AFR Tony Walker and at al'age by Gawenda whilst in Washington and includes deep hatred towards Israel and the Zionists whilst adulation and fanatical obsession with the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims will not go away with Jaspan.
Prior to al'age Jaspan prresided over the Scottish times which is famous for ''Israel deserves the suicide bombings and Jaspans support of his senior journalist who wrote immediately after 9/11 Israel and mossad was responsible.
Even if Jaspan is gone Koutsukis has taken over Oloughlins Pro Palestinian stance , he has rarely if ever written a positive story about Israel in his short time in Oloughlns job, Michael Leunig is still there creating anti semetic anti Israel cartoons whilst not appearing at Palestinian propaganda launches along with his mate Burnside QC then there are al age staff writers Palestinian Maher Muhgrabi and former Islamic council leader waleed Aly now terrorist expert at Monash Uni. along with his extremist left wing mate David Wright Neville .So al' age will still toe the party anti Zionist line that there is no doubt!

Anonymous said...

So Koutsukis is pro-palestinian is he? Seems strange that people who actually witness the conflict all seem to go that way.

Anonymous said...

to/Anonymous /7.24

If Koutsukis didn't favor the Palestinians in his articles he would not have got the job to replace O'loughlin no doubt you will argue Oloughlin was not in the Palestinian camp he was also witnessing the conflict.Unfortunately in this conflict it is easy for a journalist to take sides and all Fairfax journalists and staff writers do .{ no doubt anonymous 7.24 will also argue Muhgrabi.Aly, Leunig are also fair and balanced and have no axe to grind against the Jews]
Koutsukis has already written dozens of articles on the conflict if you can point out any articles he has written that paint Israel in a positive light or for instance any articles that point out the barbarity in which Palestinians behave against each other { Fatah against Hamas ] or point out the way Palestinian Christians are treated and are disappearing I would be interested . Unfortunately it is trendy to take the Palestinian side .

Portofino said...

Both anonymous people are deluded. Koutsukis' journalism is reasonable and balanced and a major improvemement on his predecessor who didn't like Jews and never said a bad word about the psycopaths in Hamas.