Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hamas is doing a mighty job bringing up the next generation of psycopaths.

In the past, its children's television programme Pioneers of Tomorrow has exposed young Palestinian children to such nasties as Farfour (the Mickey Mouse rip off who preached jihad), Nahoul (the killer bee who wanted to kill Jews) and its characters have also terrorised animals in the Gaza zoo.

2008 must be the Palestinian Year of the Rabbit because Hamas TV has come up with Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit.

A girl asks the Hamas rabbit: "Why is your name 'Assud' ["lion"], since you are a rabbit?".

ssud, the rabbit: "A rabbit is a [term] for a bad person and coward. And I, Assud, will finish off the Jews and eat them. ".

he girl hostess agrees: "Allah Willing!".

This is totally sick but I'm betting that it won't even make the Odd Spot in many newspapers around the world.

ON THE OTHER HAND: This is what Hamas does to those with who it disagrees - Hamas cartoon prompts paper to close.

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