Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ed O'Loughlin was given oxygen by the Australian Jewish News to explain his reporting on Israel last week and produced a pathetic piece of self-serving garbage on par with that which he routinely serves up in the Fairfax media. To his credit, he didn't deny the legion of claims of bias against the Jewish State or his turning of a blind eye to many of the crimes being committed by Palestinian terrorists not only against Israelis but also against their fellow Palestinians.

Today he has produced a piece about the killing of 21 Palestinian civilians in November 2006. The headline screams that the Israeli army won't probe Gaza deaths and Ed seems to boiling with anger about the incident. And just to embellish the message about those nasty Israelis, he throws in mention of another incident in June 2006 in which seven members of a picnicking family were killed by an explosion on a north Gaza beach. Not a single mention however, of the fact that there is a growing body of evidence that the Palestinian propaganda industry has milked this story for all its worth while it's now accepted that the family was probably killed by their own terrorist land mines.

That the story is just another beat up can best be summed by referring to O'Loughlin's own words:

"This week the Israel Defence Forces' (IDF) adjutant-general announced that an extremely rare computer malfunction had caused the shells to strike 500 metres from their intended target, a field that had been used by militants to fire missiles at Israel. There was therefore no reason to charge any soldier with negligence or any other offence, Brigadier-General Avihai Mandelblit decided. The announcement did not consider the gunners' supposed failure to notice their shells going astray."

So the IDF really did probe the incident and found the cause to be a computer malfunction but that's not enough for O'Loughlin who knows very little about fighting wars if he thinks that the gunners could have rectified the error having noticed their shells going astray: it would have been far too late. His comment is sheer stupidity.

Further, O'Loughlin will be noticed a little more if he ever applied the same standards he expects from the Israelis (including the ability to be clairvoyant about the munitions they fire when seeking to prevent "militants" from firing missiles at its civilians) to the Palestinians (see TRAGIC DEATHS: WILL THEY EVER LEARN? and NINETEEN GAZANS DIED:NOBODY CARED).

In an age and an area where Arab militias are causing great damage to civilian populations it's time for the Age to wake up to itself. One only has to look at the terrible and underreported crimes taking place in nearby Sudan to understand how disproportionate and unjust Ed's attacks are on Israel and its people.


Anonymous said...

Ed copped a pasting in this week's Australian Jewish News. Not a word of support from anybody, not even the usual suspects.

Serves the arrogant prick right.

Anonymous said...

A student at Sapir College in Sderot, a father of four was killed when a Kssam rocket exploded in a parking lot. Will the Palestinian government that sits in Gaza probe this Mr. O'Loughlin?