Sunday, February 10, 2008


The Elder of Ziyon reminds us that the month of Adar on the Jewish calendar is a good time to dust off some old jokes. In that regard he's doing a great job on his blogsite but he may have unwittingly also provided us with the best joke of the month with his reference to an item in Ian O'Doherty's column from the Irish Independent -


Really, if anything proves the utter credulousness and stupidity displayed by many of the members of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, it has to be case of Galway woman -- quelle surprise she's from Galway -- Treasa Ni Cheannabhain and her daughter.

The pair smuggled themselves illegally into Gaza and are now complaining that they are not being allowed to get back into Egypt.

The pair were refused entry into Gaza but entered illegally by wearing those charming full length niquabs (the charming black dress that makes women look like a walking letter box) and met up with some ministers from the charming Hamas government -- which caused the humanitarian crisis in the first place -- and then went around distributing money to local charities.

And how have responded to the Egyptian authorities not allowing these people back into Egypt?

Well, according to them: "Treasa Ni Cheannabhain, from the Galway Palestine Solidarity Campaign, on a humanitarian mission to besieged Gaza with daughter, Naisrin, is now trapped there by the Israelis."

Um, sorry guys. It's the Egyptians. Still, facts are only a Zionist conspiracy, eh?

Although the quote from Ni Cheannabhain on the situation in Gaza was interesting in its insight and political understanding: "We hadn't expected this -- it's very scary."

The phrase dumb and dumber springs to mind.

Here in Australia, we have our own version of dumb and dumber in the form of Fairfax Media's Jerusalem bureau chief who yesterday produced Mid-East keenly follows race to White House. The article appareared in both the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. It was labelled "Analysis" in the former but not the later although it doesn't really matter because it's neither analysis nor straight out reporting - it's the usual anti-Israel propaganda that is by now so familiar with this reporter/analyst.

All of the usual features are there. He mentions Israel's "40-year-old military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip" (the latter territory is actually under Hamas military occupation today), Bush's 2004 letter that allegedly "countermanded all the UN resolutions", the "wall", the "Israel Lobby" and the prevailing feeling given is that Israel doesn't really want peace. The whole production is laced with the usual O'Loughlin bias despite the writer's attempts to cover them up so in the end, the whole thing falls down for both its lack of analysis and of any factual basis.

If there was a shred of analysis involved, O'Loughlin would have taken a look at Palestinian intentions with regard to the peace negotiations and in particular as to what they've done over the past five years to give the road map a bit of a kick on. The answer is very little if we are to go by the real facts, examples of which you can find everywhere except in the Fairfax Media. I'll bring you some over the coming days when I get over the fits of laughter I'm experiencing at the moment. Irish jokes like O'Loughlin do that to me!

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Anonymous said...

It is bewildering that left wing Fairfax Newspapers The Age/SMH and AFR can keep getting away with their unbalancedand bias reporting of the Middle east news and any issues concerning Muslims.

1 The Age Editor comes from a newspaper that editorialised that Israel deserved the suicide bombings. This Editor replaces a left wing Jewish Editor who was sent to Washington specifically to send back daily negative reports on Fairfax's other Villain the USA [the number one villain Israel]

2. Cartoonist Michael Lunig actively supports Palestinian causes he recently attended a Saudi funded Palestinian art exhibition attended by Friends of Palestine MPs,and other Palestinian supporters like Muslim advocate Julian Burnside and Lunig signed the forward in Palestinian's catalogue.Lunig also famous for his antisemitic cartoons.

3.Ed O'ughlin Fairfax Jerusalem correspondent was recently voted by ‘‘New York, based Honest reporting web site as one of the most bias reporters in the world with a clear anti Israel agenda.

4.Staff writer Maher Muhgrabi Scottish born Palestinian is given free reign to publish his views on the Middle east and when not doing this speaks at Universities and other venues spruiking for his people...

5.Staf Writer Waleed Aly member and spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Victoria, also given free reign amongst other issues to give his views on the Middle east and Muslim issues.

6.Letters Editor [recently moved to other areas] was a member of a far left wing, socialist ,Palestinian advocacy group whose Editor and spokesman claims’’ he has been fighting for Palestinian rights for 35 years'' and advocates the rights of Hezbollah.

7.AFR Middle east correspondent Tony Walker Arabist and fierce critic of Israel {and USA} has written two biographies on his hero Yassar Arafat {one updated version].

All these people are hardly open minded journolists dealing with such complicated ,emotional issues that require balanced thinking with out personal bias invloved.

How can we expect Fairfax to be fair and balanced when you have staff writers and journalist with such strong views and agendas.Whilst all these Palestinian supporters are free to have their own bias, their own agendas and views how can they be allowd to report on issues so close to home and not have other staff and reporters with a different background to off set the obvious bias and agendas.

Can any one imagine the outcry if’ The Australian’ had Zionist Jews and Israelis as staff writing about the Middle east and Muslim issues.Their offices would be bombed and burnt down !

Is Fairfax part of Al Jazeera now?