Monday, February 25, 2008


Academy Award Night in Hollywood and Pallywood is set to respond with the aid of its media dupes. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that hundreds of Gazans are forming a human chain to protest what it calls Israel's "siege" of Gaza and the psycopaths from Hamas are threatening to send women and children to the border to penetrate the border fence and enter Israeli territory. And those media dupes who have looked away for years while Palestinian thugs fired their missiles at Israeli civilians are like Dracula - on their way to watch and report on bloodshed.

"Palestinian journalists said Sunday that Hamas is likely to bring school children to Erez and other potential sites of friction, who will be sent near the crossings to throw stones, as the cameras are rolling."

There was however, no Oscar for Ismail this time. The whole gig fizzled after a much lower than anticipated turnout, possibly a result of the fact that the people regarded the Hamas script involving sending kids out to face the IDF for propaganda purposes a bit of a stinker.

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