Saturday, February 02, 2008


The "impoverished" Gazans have been on a shopping spree over the past week or so spending between US$250 and US$500 million on such diverse goods as food and clothing, cigarettes (by the box load), tv's, dvd's, computers, motor bikes and enough fertiliser to maintain the Garden of Eden into perpetuity. Cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen (above) has it just about right.

While the usual suspects in the media have been looking the other way the following stories have been largely unreported in this country:-

* 20 Gazans caught in Sinai in possession of explosives, surveillance devices,

* Muslim Brotherhood men meet with Hamas in Gaza,

* Hamas counterfeits Egyptian currency (automatically translated from the Arabic).

And just in case you might think the media dupes are covering up only fraudulent activity on the part of the fascists in Hamas, here's a story about Fatah, the party of Israel's peace partner:-

Fatah TV Broadcasts Daily Call For Ethnic Cleansing of Jews.

More material for the Blank Pages!

POSTSCRIPT: Apropos of the above, at least the Australian is not afraid to mention things that are unmentionable elsewhere in the Australian press - Cairo has more to fear from Hamas than Israel.

"But Gaza is sovereign Hamas territory, Hamas is the Palestinian branch of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and Egypt - not Israel - is the country that has most to fear from a statelet that is at once the toehold, the sanctuary and the springboard of an Islamist revolution."

There's that Muslim Brotherhood again. Those far leftists and their acolytes in the media who support Hamas have no idea what they're supporting with their sympathetic treatment of these fascists. A history lesson could be in order.

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