Saturday, June 02, 2007


2 JUNE 1967


"The United States is backing the initiative taken by Britain to rally support by maritime powers to keep the Gulf of Aqaba open to the world’s shipping, the State Department spokesman said in Washington yesterday" - The Times.


Ahmed Shukairy: “We will coordinate efforts of the PLO with responsible authorities in Jordan in all fields – politically, militarily and materially…” Mr Shukairy seemed determined that the war should come soon. "It was", he said, "very probable that the Jordan army might start the battle.” It is doubtful whether his new allies would agree with this. - The Times, Nicholas Herbert, Amman.

To create the illusion that war was not near Gen Moshe Dayan had thousands of soldiers released for the weekend.

Their appearance back at their homes and on beaches and in cafĂ©’s seemed to confirm that tensions were relaxing. Some reporters gave up their vigil and left Israel in search of more pressing stories.


Winston S. Churchill, the son of Mr. Randolph Churchill and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, who is covering events in Israel for the “News of the World,” joined a queue of civilians waiting at Dizengoff Circle on Sunday to donate blood for the emergency blood banks which have been established in the city. .

Seventy tourists from Britain also donated blood before leaving for home.

Civil defence preparations are being pushed forward. In Tel Aviv, 12,000 volunteers, including school children, joined in digging trenches and filling sandbags.

In the UK "500 volunteers, including 100 non-Jews w(ill) be leaving London shortly to take over civilian jobs in Israel left vacant by Israelis called up for armed service, reported The Jewish Chronicle. In Stockholm between 200 and 250 Swedes are ready to leave for Israel, including, it is reported, some formers members of the Swedish contingent with the United Nations Emergency Force in the Gaza Strip." Elsewhere in the Jewish Chronicle there was a full page advertisement headed "EMERGENCY APPEAL TO BRITISH JEWS", with the signatories including Britain's Chief Rabbi and Haham. The text included: "Israel is in mortal danger; she stands encircled by enemies who declare their intent to destroy her. This is an appeal to every Jew in the stand by the people of Israel. The Jews of Israel are ready to pay for their country with their lives; the Jews of Britain must show that they are ready to make a sacrifice too."

"Pupils at Carmel College responded to an emergency appeal for Israel and raised a considerable sum of money. They have unanimously asked the school authorities to give them bread and water for at least one meal so that the money could be devoted to Israel."


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