Saturday, June 16, 2007


This is a scene from the House of Hamas which according to the Melbourne Age's Ed O'Loughlin won it's own Six Day War this week. The Palestinians in Gaza are now living under the occupation of a murderous regime run by thugs who make Hannibal Lechter look like a boy scout. See below for an example of the glory of O'Loughlin's Six Day warriors (if you're not squeamish!)

If you are in any doubt that reporters can project their own partisan images of the fighting elements in a conflict you only have to read this fawning piece of apologia for the thugs of Hamastan in "Fanatical last stand for boastful assassin". And then ask yourself whether this reporter has every written anything sympathetic to the victims of these boastful assassins when they were gainfully employed killing Jews which is what Hamas and Fatah was established for in the first place.


Notice O'Loughlin's concluding paragraph:-

"In the fenced-off Gaza Strip, there was little chance that Mr Abbas's forces could turn their US-supplied light and medium weapons against Israel. In the West Bank, on the other hand, members of Fatah's al-Aqsa Brigades could easily turn their guns on Israeli military targets or Jewish settlers."

This is a perfect example of how O'Loughlin operates. Fatah's al-Aqsa Brigades have never shied away from claiming responsibility for attacks including suicide bombings on Israeli civilians in the past and O'Loughlin knows this well. To suggest that such groups only attack "military targets" or"Jewish settlers" is a gross distortion of the truth.

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