Friday, June 29, 2007


Earlier this week, the Melbourne Herald Sun published an incoherent rant from one Moammar Mashni of Australians for Palestine in which Israel was blamed for the cruel violence of the various armed factions in Gaza over the past month. The article was full of the now familiar blather which ignored the fact that Israel actually departed Gaza in 2005 leaving behind the infrastructure of a functioning society which was trashed by the locals in very quick time. Gaza is now the Middle East's version of hell for its citizens and it's administered by a pack of thugs bent on committing genocide against neighbouring Israel. Apologists for these barbarians can't help themselves but find new ways to blame Israel even when the Israelis are completely absent from the scene.

Today, a letter writer's response was published by the Herald Sun. This was her take on the situation:-


Climate change down to Israel

MOAMMAR Mashni's article, "Gaza violence is Israel's fault'' (June26) does not go far enough. Mashni should also blame Israel for theworld's unpredictable weather, volcanic eruptions and all peopleafflicted with ingrown toenails and dandruff.

Shirley Randles, Bentleigh

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