Wednesday, June 20, 2007


South Africa's Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils is a nasty piece of work who never misses an opportunity to attack Israel and its Jews. Himself a Jew by birth, Kasrils is the South African version of Antony Loewenstein except he has somehow managed to gain election to a powerful position in the South African government. That position as "Intelligence Minister" is however, considered by many as little more than somewhat oxymoronic.

A good friend of Hamas (which unashamedly says in its Charter that its aim is to destroy Israel and "kill Jews") he recently wrote an article attacking the Jewish State relying heavily on the work of Israeli historian Benny Morris.

Thanks to It’s Almost Supernatural, you can read here how Morris responds and, at the same time literally skewers the hapless Kasril who is regarded by most South African Jews as the Jewish equivalent of Uncle Tom.


Carrie Lewis said...

Uncle Tom Loewenstein is at least Ronnie's match despite the fact that he is unelectable in Australian politics.

To understand the depth of the racism he engenders towards Jews and his total lack of understanding of the evil of Hamas, read his blog and follow the obfuscations of his acolyte Andre (on the anti-Semitism canard thread) who wriggles his way through arguments by avoiding the issue and falsely accusing people of being what they are not.

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh ... Carrie - you are dealing with certifiable imbeciles over there. Carrying out any discourse with Andre or Michael is like debating with Donald Duck - a total waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Is there a rule that says a Jew cannot be guilty of anti-Semitism?

It seems to me that Antony Loewenstein either believes that there is not and he is therefore able to commit offences that would otherwise be regarded as blatant anti-Semitic or alternatively, he is openly challenging people to call him an anti-Semite so that he can play his "canard" card. Either way, the man is a despicable tool.