Monday, April 16, 2012

Jenin - Ten Years Since Something That Never Happened - A Learning Moment for the Guardian

Ten years ago, when the Palestinian wave of terror known as the Second Intifada was at its height, the refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin was the suicide bomber's capital of the world. When Israel finally decided to act against the murders of innocent men, women and children, launching Operation Defensive Shield, the British media went into a malevolent frenzy of hatred against the Jewish State.

The spearheads of these vicious attacks were the Guardian, The Independent and, of course, the BBC. Our own Melbourne Age was hardly any better. So-called "journalists" barred from the theatre of action picked up on lies by Palestinian spokespeople who falsely accused the IDF of a massacre of more than 500 civilians. When the truth came out that no more than a dozen Palestinian civilians died during the operation (some in buildings booby trapped by the terrorists), the Guardian, which had shamefully accused Israel of massacres and war crimes, even more shamefully failed to publish an apology for its disgracefully mendacious journalism.

This article by a Harry's Place contributor was submitted and rejected by the editors of the Guardian's Comment is Free which comes as no surprise at all given that even ten years after it demonstrated the journalistic ethics of the sewer, the Guardian still will not face up to the fact that one of its opinion writers can't see antiSemitism even when confronted with it face to face. The title to the article says it all -Jenin - Ten Years Since Something That Never Happened - A Learning Moment for The Guardian.

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W J Sharp said...

Wasn't that a time?

Many in the media pack knowingly lied. The BBC told us Jenin: 'massacre evidence growing' -

There was no clarification, no explanation, nothing.

They told lies and when they were caught out - shameful silence.