Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A decade later a monster walks the streets

I want to praise Patrick Carlyon for his telling of this story of a father's grief for his girl killed by a bomb in this week's Sunday Herald Sun.

"We" are losing. Terrorists are winning. They are driven by a diseased religious viewpoint.

"They will blow up their own children as long as they can exact a price from the hated enemy," Roth says.

"They will send pregnant women into hospitals in order to blow them up without any regard for what this means on a moral level of human decency.

"There's a decline in the morality of the actors. And a very, very substantial escalation in the destructiveness of the tools that are available to people who think like that."

In a world of Emma Thompsons and Gunther Grasses, it's refreshing to read words written and told by people who still have a moral compass.

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