Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another day another Palestinian stunt

The latest Palestinian publicity stunt in the war of hatred against Israel was last Friday's Million Man Global March on Jerusalem organised by the usual suspects included racist BDS liar Mustafa Barghoti. The mad march coincided with Palestinian Land Day.

They thought they might get millions marching on Jerusalem but they managed a minute fraction of that. The world yawned as these idiots tried damn hard to attract attention around the world but the world is getting bored with their antics.

Among the highlights were:-

  • Protesters at the Qalandiyah checkpoint hurled rocks at soldiers, who responded with stun grenades and tear gas;
  • more people participated in the Tel-Aviv marathon than were rioters at Israel's borders;
  • there were also clashes in Qalandiyah between various Palestinian factions. Mustafa Barghouti was injured and the ambulance that evicted him was stoned by Fateh supporters. True to form, Barghouti tried to blame the IDF but pro-Palestinian sources called him on this and the fact that he tried to suppress the news of the deceit (don't worry Mustafa, the Age won't publish the stroty anyway;
These Palestinian stunts would be amusing if not for the fact that they are fuelled by blatant antiSemitism. The above picture comes from the Facebook Page of the Global March to Jerusalem - Australian National Committee (hat tip: elderofziyon). Of course, even the suggestion in the picture that Israel is depriving the Gazans of electricity is bogus because Hamas itself has orchestrated the power shortages for its own profit.

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