Sunday, April 22, 2012

The hatred of the British chattering classes

This excellent piece from Brendan O'Niell in the Australian - British luvvies' anti-Israel stance achieves nothing

... the avoidance of Israel and all its ideas and wares has become a weird way of life for some people, where the aim isn’t to achieve tangible political goals but rather an inner sensation of super moral smugness.

The sun has well and truly set on that empire.


Anonymous said...

A couple of great letters in today's Australian. I know from experience that it is unlikely that Al Age would publish two such letters on the one day withoput some sneering letter from an apologist for those who would attack Israel just for exiosting.

British anti-Israel sentiment is an invidious trend

BRENDAN O'Neill made an insightful contribution in pointing out how anti-Israel boycotters in Britain have moved beyond a political response of opposition to Israel's policies to espouse a hate-filled and faddish culture ("British luvvies' anti-Israel stance achieves nothing", 21-22/4).

Perhaps this invidious development is due to the fact that a rational argument cannot be made for boycotting Israeli goods, academics and cultural events. The selectiveness of action against Israel for supposed "policies of exclusion", when truly discriminatory and repressive regimes are ignored, is unjustifiable and inevitably smacks of anti-Semitism.

By combining hate and moral smugness in a way of life, the anti-Israel campaigners avoid substantial and rational discussion.

Christine Furedy, Darling Point, NSW

THANKS to Brendan O'Neill for highlighting the lunacy of the increasing anti-Israel societal phenomenon, ignorantly embraced by the chattering classes.
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Has the world well and truly gone crazy? Any enlightened individual knows that Israel is the only true democratic country in the Middle East and embodies virtues we would all be wise to pay heed. I encourage all those quick to board the anti-Israel bandwagon and criticise this progressive and democratic country to separate from the sheep train and educate yourself. You will be impressed and inspired.

Libby Burke, Ashgrove, Qld

Anonymous said...

Once again al age have a Palestinian who happens to be an activist on their Editorial Desk so these type of letters that are not critical of israel would never get approval from him..